Ever since I first saw my Dad's first transistor Radio on a Family fishing trip I have been hooked on Radio.

I had the opportunity in 1958 to compose a list of songs to make up a good radio show  on Commercial Radio station and was thrilled on Sunday Afternoon to hear it being played.  Much later in 1996 I became a radio presenters at a community radio station that was called Ram FM broadcasting from the studio in Piper Street Kyneton.

The station 3CH known as 100.7 Highlandsfm - The Voice of the Ranges has now expanded to the studios in Woodend. I'm fortunate to be involved with creating and producing New Radio shows which I aim to share each week.

I've been very concerned about the large number of suicides and have been personally touched by close relatives and friends who have unexpectantly taken their own lives. I had to do SOMETHING to try to slow this epedemic down.

Firstly I created and produced a Radio Show called  "LET'S THINK ABOUT LIVIN'" to give depressed people a lift and a smile and encouragement.  Then to encourage people to find a purpose in life and inspire them I started a show called "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" Later on I was concerned for thousands of other folk getting Dementia so I created another show "MAGIC MOMENTS" which stirs the memory to remember some of the old songs and relive happy memories. Then lastly to foster hope

and faith there is "GOOD NEWS GOSPEL TIME" with some older Hymns, Contempory Christian Songs and Inspirational bits..

I hope you enjoy some of these.

The Stations Website is www.highlandsfm.org.au  

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